Monday, April 30, 2012


Epoch   (34" x 25.5") is a recently completed wall work.  Art shouldn't need an explanation, but its title came about because the gold disc suggested the sun and the lower section represented the passage of time.  For those anticipating the end of times this year, it might have been named By the Mayan Calendar except that I used that very title for a work created many years ago.  (The gold in this piece is actually pure gold circuitry).


Eiffel-dream 2  (17" x 13" x 8"H) is a chest very similar to the one still on the website which was sold some time ago.  This one was built soon after the other because I wanted to keep it, though I might reconsider.  Eiffel of course was famous not only for his tower and the structure that made the Statue of Liberty possible.  When I used to make films I dreamed in film, and nowadays in circuitry (and hopefully other things). 

If Eiffel dreamed....