Monday, November 16, 2015

A few recently completed wall works

Below are some recent wall pieces.  Several more are underway, as well as some new chests.


It may be difficult for some to perceive this as electronic circuitry, but it is, and is ancient in terms of technology.  These are truly the trilobites - the bones-  of the evolution of tech.  Wonderful abstract primitive art in its own right,
it was given the suitable title of one of the northwest coast Indian tribes of the U.S., reminiscent of one of their totems.   The size of this wall work is about 22 x 16.



The circuitry for this small wall-work was collected many years ago from a circuit fabrication company that has long since disappeared.  I've had these rare boards set aside for just such a piece.  Could they be Maori tattoos, or could it be the abstract work of a contemporary American?    About 16" x 16".

Raptor (Icon # 3)

  One of my series of icon wall works.  
  The image on the gold circuit strikes me
  as the profile of a powerful bird of prey.

  RAPTOR is 30" x 20.5" 

  see website for larger views

Friday, April 10, 2015

New Works 2015

Below are some recently completed pieces; others are in various stages of design & construction.

Sutton Hoo

The design of SUTTON HOO grew outwards from the motif in the center of the top.  It soon took on a look that reminded me of the hoard of Saxon treasure not long ago unearthed on a farm field in eastern England.  The chest is 16" x 13" x 5"H.


This chest will be placed on my website
  when I can get to it



The CANDELABRA chest, completed in 2015, has its name from the circuitry on the sides, and that was its working title.   The design reminded me of some obscure forgotten culture that I couldn't put my finger on, but candelabra is easier, and so it keeps its working title.  
The chest is 17" x 11" x 7"H