Wednesday, November 21, 2012


TECH-DAWN:  Recently finished small wall work, 28" x 18".   The title refers to the dawn of the Tech Era: the idea of insetting one half of a circular gold circuit (surrounded by the upward-radiating circuitry) and the notion of dawn of a new age, came about simultaneously.  The lower half of the piece is what I call the "story", a device I've used several times before over the years.  As with ancient Egyptian or Mayan or Assyrian stellae, at the top is usually the featured element, the "what" or "who" the monument represents, and the lower part elaborates with the story or history.  In the case of these circuitry pieces it's not meant to be anything literal, just abstract, but suggestive.

In the center of the "story" of TECH-DAWN (also PALEOTECH) is a circuit from my zoo collection which I've always seen as a monkey struggling or fighting with something, so I call it my Hanuman circuit, after the Hindu myth about the heroic monkey who fought demons.  Not much to do with technology, unless there is good tech and evil tech. 

As said elsewhere, the circuitry in my large collection is all vintage -- ancient in technological terms.   Most contemporary circuitry looks nothing at all like this, and is far less visually fascinating.

 The circuitry design around the edge of the wall work

Many of the works posted on this blog will eventually be placed on the website


 PALEOTECH :  A recently completed smaller wall work, 22" x 14.5".  The title refers to the beginnings of the Tech Era.  Think of fossil trilobites or other primitive life-forms, or even dinosaurs: these circuits are the equivalent for technology.  A few thousand years from now, tell me if you don't agree.