Friday, March 3, 2017

2017: New Works

As promised some time ago, here are several of the new works which are currently available but may not be placed on my website until the interiors of all are ready to be photographed.                        (Other wallworks and chests are also in various stages of construction).



The FRONDS  wallwork drew its title (also its working title) from the very large circuits that border the top & bottom.  These circuits originated about 40 years ago, long before miniaturization began to render them invisible.  Among the ancestors of technology.

                                                          FRONDS  wallwork:  36” x 25”

Abstract Expression

I don’t try to do this on purpose, but somehow when the design of a chest comes together, it often reminds me of a certain culture past or present --  Egyptian or Gothic or Chinese or Art Nouveau or African primitive… 
This one felt strongly suggestive of mid-20th century expressionist paintings.

                               ABSTRACT EXPRESSON    chest:   20” x 10” x 5”H

Daphnis & Chloe

Everything needs a name long before a title is decided: folders for notes & plans, trays with selected circuitry, photo files, etc.  My working title for this piece was “Buttheads” (which just popped in my head as soon as those top circuits were placed together), but I didn’t want to refer to a TV cartoon from some years ago.  And it was hard not to notice that one of the circuits was male and the other female.  So in a moment of whimsy I picked the classical lovers DAPHNIS & CHLOE ;  Daphnis is on the right, with the penis sticking up from the back of his neck.  Never mind that the circuitry isn’t a bit gentle and romantic.  It’s a machine, after all.

DAPHNIS & CHLOE  chest:  18” x 11” x 6”H


The circuitry graphics of DELPHIAN strikes me as having the aesthetic of 
                       ancient Aegean or Greek pottery.

                                            DELPHIAN     chest:   16” x 11” x 6”H


The very large antique (1970s) circuits used on the top of the chest always reminded me of the wood carvings of the Pacific northwest coast Indian tribes. 

TOTEM     chest:  18” x 12” x 5”H