Saturday, December 31, 2011

Internally Illuminated

Among the very first works I created from circuitry were several that were internally illuminated.  The form of the sculpture was constructed from acrylic sheet, to which the pale greenish translucent circuitry panels were applied, and a lighting system was constructed for the inside of the sculpture.  I really like the way the ghostly shadow of the circuitry pattern on the reverse side of the panel combined with the sharp silhouette of the circuitry on the front.  The whole appearance of those sculptures was very impressive.  The internal lighting required the installation of a cooling fan in the base of the sculptures to draw off the heat generated by the bulbs.  There were no compact fluorescents or LEDs in the mid-80’s.  If I did it today I would use a different source of illumination, but those sculptures were far too difficult and time-consuming, and for a variety of reasons those are the only ones of that kind I’ll probably ever make. 

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