Wednesday, May 25, 2016

About Progress on New Works

Hi, friends.  There haven’t been any recent postings on my blog, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy – I just haven’t had anything ready to show yet.  Currently there are about 15 chests and wall works which were designed and planned out over the past several months, and they are in various stages of construction.  For each individual piece, the hardwood form on which the circuitry will be placed is always made to the exact size needed to accommodate the circuitry design.  Aesthetics are important, and while a painter can make adjustments as he goes, the same is not true when working with circuitry -- it won't stretch or shrink to fit an idea.  It is what it is, and it's up to the artist to make all the effort involved seem to disappear, creating a piece that is not only beautiful, but  feels perfectly natural and organic.  That’s why a lot of time is involved in the design phase.  Within a few weeks a couple of these may be at a stage where they can be photographed and posted on my blog.

As some of you know, my house and studio are in a rural area a good distance from New York City.  There are 5 acres, parts of which are left in a more or less natural state, but the gardens, landscaping and lawns all need some of my time, especially in the springtime.  Since I’ve always seen technology as a newly evolving form of nature, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I also love the part of nature that includes the trees and birds .  When I'm in the studio I work with the ancient ancestors, the trilobites of this new form of nature, and outdoors I am with that which has evolved a bit more slowly.   If I haven’t been communicating, it’s only because there isn't much to be said until new works are posted.   The website indicates which works are currently available.                                                                                   

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